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Inspiration for my artwork always starts with a story... A particular narrative comes into focus from a small but meaningful moment and I need to get the image out into the world. My work is often characterized by a central character, an environment that alludes to some particular time before or after an event takes place, and a sense of stillness where the figures are caught in a moment of reflection, contemplating their next action or what route to take. I like orchestrating these beginnings with a certain idea in mind and am always surprised where the pieces end up. Casting the characters, determining relationships, and setting the stage with elements of fantasy, symbolism, and objects from everyday life, allows a sense of play to develop in my working process.


My experiences and perspective are unique to me as an individual, but the feelings I hope to connect with the viewer are universal. The ability to establish an entire world from a fleeting moment is what I find the most challenging and thrilling and is also what continues to fuel this discourse.

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